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What is its deployment of Microsoft Forefront

What is Microsoft Forefront? Is it what Microsoft products? Very fortunate, I was invited lecturer at the Guangzhou station Microsoft Security Elite training teachers in more than courage under the leadership of a senior lecturer with more than 20 Microsoft, together with three days time a comprehensive understanding of what is Microsoft Forefront.

Information systems security is the broad enterprise IT departments very difficult thing, from the past blind attack (denial of service, etc.), and now a purpose and a plan for implementation of the attacks (phishing, social engineering, botnets), gave We have brought huge losses. Among them, the network virus is most especially headache, Take the most recent Panda Virus for burning incense, to the huge losses caused by Chinese enterprises.

Let's look at a set of data, as of February 2006, Microsoft Windows XP SP2 have been distributed 277 million copies, which accounted for enterprise deployment, 61%; Microsoft Windows 2003 SP1 4.7 million copies have been downloaded; release of Windows Defender as soon the most frequently downloaded Microsoft history, to help protect more than 2800 million customers, and Microsoft Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool out 28 billion, 270 million times the average monthly implementation. From this set of data that Microsoft continues to strengthen safety management and help our clients achieve secure trusted computing.

Many people may be more familiar Microsoft Antigen security products, the products include:

Antigen for Exchange: Exchange 2003 to protect enterprises and Exchange 2000;

Antigen for Instant Massaging: Microsoft Live Communications Server 2005 to protect the security;

Advanced Spam Manager: Help Exchange server, to prevent spam;

Antigen for SMTP Gateways: the edge of the network based on enterprise protection;

Antigen for SharePoint: Windows SharePoint Services and the protection of SharePoint Portal Server 2003 security.

Today, Microsoft Forefront release Antigen products will be effectively integrated, we can see that under the plan can detail the development process.

We believe this plan can be clearly recognized, Microsoft Forefront is not just a product, it should be a security product series, the series includes Microsoft Internet Security and Acceleration Server 2006 (ISA Server 2006), Microsoft Forefront Security for Exchange Server, Microsoft Forefront Security for SharePoint, Microsoft Forefront Security for Office Communication Server and Microsoft Forefront Client Security. The family enterprise from the edge of the network, the application server to the client security management fully integrated to form a set of Microsoft security solutions.

So, in Microsoft's overall security system framework, Forefront in what location? We can clearly see the following figure.

The blue in the figure is the Microsoft Forefront family of the region, its existing infrastructure and business integration platform, with the formation of Microsoft's complete security architecture for the protection of client devices, servers and core applications series and the network edge.

We can simply look at the following diagram Forefront products deployed in the enterprise architecture.

Simple understanding of the Microsoft Forefront family of products, let us look at what surprised Forefront gives us somewhere.

1, ISA Server 2006's new features

1, for the protection of the application released

ISA Server 2006 increases the release of SharePoint sites, Exchange sites previously published simplified the complexity and increase the support of authentication methods;

2, supports SSO (Single Sign-On)

Support the same domain name suffix of single sign-on;

3, enhanced security access

Enhanced security access restrictions, can limit the maximum per minute per IP TCP connection requests, maximum number of TCP concurrent connections, maximum number of TCP half-open connections and the maximum HTTP connections per minute and the maximum number of requests and number of concurrent connections UDP;

4, increasing branch network to support

Second, a number of anti-virus engines, to provide effective protection

Forefront family of products throughout the nine well-known anti-virus vendors to provide the scanning engine, these engines include Microsoft Antivirus, Sophos, CA VET, CA InoculateIT, Norman, Kaspersky Lab, AhnLab, Authentium Command, Virus Buster, the nine anti-virus scanning engines in the Forefront for both server and client security products available, including Microsoft Antivirus, Sophos, CA VET, CA InoculateIT, Norman these five engine provided with the product.

Some may ask, are there so many anti-virus engines What are the benefits? Let us look at a set of data, which is well-known anti-virus software testing laboratory more than nine engines on the five engine through five combination with a single engine, 82 Virus global test data obtained by the authority.

The above data, we clearly see the Forefront multi-engine scanning capabilities of the virus protection is much higher than a single anti-virus protection role played by the engine.

In addition, in the face with the complicated network environment, multi-engine scanning can also solve a single engine can not complete the work:

1, an engine failure to protect: to prevent anti-virus engine due to a failure, and loss prevention capabilities;

2, back protection: The protection can ensure that if the engine fails to accept updates, you can roll back to a normal version and activate, and then issue a warning message;

3, updated protection: in one engine is being updated, other engines continue to insist on scanning, to ensure the normal protection;

4, the latest virus code: to suffer to protect the client or the server through a number of international renowned anti-virus vendors virus code scanning, from the known, up to nine;

Note: When the server provides multiple scan engines, will definitely affect server performance, so every time the combination of multiple engine, up to five.

5, dynamic performance tuning: the Forefront, we can choose how Forefront server engine combination, and can choose according to the performance of the server, for example, our virus protection to ensure high performance, multi-performance engine will automatically adjust , using 25% of available engines work; and multi-engine management, anti-virus engine used by all dynamically allocated from the available engines.

Scanning through different combinations to maximize the reduction of the threat, effective protection for enterprise networks.

Third, the power

Forefront addition to providing a powerful multi-engine scanning, it also aimed to remove the worm, file filtering to provide strong protection.

4, close integration of simple management

Forefront family of products based on a good platform architecture and enterprise integration, and with the related server products, such as AD, WUSU, MOM, SQL, etc. to provide efficient work together. In addition, Forefront Group Policy AD combined with centralized management and centralized distribution, will generate the deployment template, set the strategy, software distribution and other unified arrangements.

Fifth, a strong warning and reporting

Forefront console combined with SQL Server 2005, Reporting Services and MOM 2005 for report generation and event collection;

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Flash Builder RIA can win the battle for the Adobe

Adobe, a marketing plan should be adopted to persuade developers and core developers, designed to meet the interest of product, of course, familiar with this marketing plan is different from the designers of its marketing plan. Goal is to use the influential developer community to promote their products. On Adobe and its partners, customers, RIA-led sustainable, profitable business has been at a crucial moment. I think if Adobe can not effectively exchange with the developer, the developer can not find the strategic value of the market will cause it to lose the battle RIA, and hurt the other Adobe products.

Two weeks ago I attended a Adobe FlexCamp Conference held in San Francisco, and with Adobe, RIA products related to many of the employees of the exchange, they include engineers, managers, product managers, supervisors and two vice-president. Here I repeat what Adobe, the staff chats.

First of all, should be recognized, Adobe Flash platform, has now achieved very well: support the Web applications are widely used and easy to use and strong. Unfortunately, due to weak series of development tools to develop Flash-based applications cost and time spent is much higher than ideal situation. Microsoft Silverlight excellent series of tools provides an important advantage. The premise of the same skills, the use of Silverlight developers than Flex developers can have up to several times the efficiency of the development. Customers began to realize that development of similar projects, use the Adobe Flash platform RIA technologies than the use of other outstanding costs significantly more time and more costs.

I am an independent software developer, my time is relatively high wages. I think my high salary and I create value for customers is matched. In addition to gathering requirements and customer feedback, I still carried a lot of time to write, compile and test Flex and Java code. In order to remain competitive, I must continue to invest a lot of time to study the software tools and more powerful computing platform, Tong Shi Haiyaoxuanyong just right of the methods and techniques. I like to develop in Linux, and then deploy client to Windows, Mac and Linux and other systems, the server is deployed on Linux servers.

Eclipse is a great multi-purpose IDE, including server-side Java development. Unfortunately, both Flex Builder, or renamed Flash Builder, either as a stand-alone installation package, or as Eclipse plug-ins to use, have failed to show a similar maturity. If you think "Flex Builder 3" or "Flash Builder 4" so the name represents a more mature product, in fact you were misled. If we now have a moderate complexity of Java projects, compare with similar or slightly lower than the complexity of the Flex project, you will soon realize that Flex / Flash Builder compile time was significantly longer for more, and Java programmers usually rely on Many of the features in Flash Builder were not implemented or poorly implemented, or there are significant problems.

Flex Builder 3 was released in the summer of 2007, when the Eclipse version is 3.3. Since then also released many of the small version, but no major new features. In August last year, Linux Edition Flex Builder alpha release, but the release date of the next version has not been announced. Flash Builder 4 for Windows and Mac systems is only 32-bit version. Windows version of the Flash Builder 4 At present, only beta version, final version is expected in the fourth quarter. If a product cycle more than two years, it means that the product compared to those who interact with the software is obsolete.

Flex compiler is very slow no secret. This vulnerability affects the development of writing and debugging code in the repeated when the edit / compile / debug process. For a large program, the implementation of a modification, compile and deploy the software, then run the program need to debug state, may take 5 minutes. Developers may have to repeat this process numerous times. When using Eclipse for Java development, one called hot code replace (Hot Code Replace) function allows Java programs on a breakpoint to suspend, re-frame from the stack (stack frame) before the program started, you can modify its minor . Hot code replacement eliminates the need for edit / compile / debug cycle, thus greatly improving the efficiency of development. Hot code replace feature to increase the Flex / Flash Builder, the development may be effective in enhancing the efficiency of a single function. Of course, a speed several times the compiler can also bring development efficiency. Flash Builder 4 in the compiler obviously much faster than previous versions, but it can not be any today, or any of Microsoft's Java compiler compiler speed comparable.

Flex and other RIA technologies is a key difference between its cross-platform support. And Java's "write once, run anywhere" like, Adobe's Flash to Flex as the RIA platform of choice to run the environment to address those needs as much as possible to meet the needs of more users. But this argument can not help but think this through. For example, Linux 64-bit version of Flash the next player still in the testing phase, only one update was on February 10 this year. Linux developers are very much the backbone, which contains a number of experienced Java developers. Their position in the developer community is relatively high, the greatest impact. Adobe the lack of reliable Linux support, has become the key technology of the elite did not accept one of the important reasons of this technology. Flex and Flash can not be simple and efficient to run in their primary development environment.

Adobe OEM sales force first aid, since in recent years only by products such as Dreamweaver and Illustrator for graphic designers. PDF sales are still good, mainly for business users. Prior to the merger in the Macromedia and Adobe, and their product line with Adobe's product line in many respects similar, or even some products in direct competition. But from a historical point of view, whether it is Adobe or Macromedia are not an effective way to get developers to market. Until recently, Adobe made a wise decision only.

Designers and developers are very different. In skills training, worldview, interests and purchase patterns vary between the two. Designers tend to be more emotional, usually semi-skilled personnel, like the purchase and upgrade software on a regular basis. The developers even more reason is purely technical personnel; to sell their tools very difficult. And, like most engineers, developers often prefer to create your own tools, or use free tools. The reason why open source developers to be more acceptable, because open source allows them to control their own tools. Designers and business users of open source generally hold another view.

Development of software tools generally require significant investment, but is unlikely to have a direct return on investment. Most of today's market, successful software tools for the general support of other types of business.

鈼?Microsoft's own software tools made significant investments, and a good tool for them to integrate with other products. If a person needs to develop software for the Microsoft platform, Microsoft's software tools are often the first choice. Compared with Windows and Office, Microsoft's software tools and did not give Microsoft more net income, but they are through system integrators and independent software vendors to promote the sales of other profitable products, such as its operating system.

鈼?Eclipse is also a lot of time and money into the product, first introduced by the IBM. Eclipse since its inception, it has been invested millions of dollars in development funds. Most of Eclipse and Eclipse plug-ins are free. Results as developers warm Eclipse users a powerful, stable and the modern development platform. IBM's marketing strategy with Microsoft slightly different, but the IBM developer community through the Eclipse to the major impact has been through the establishment of the Eclipse products and services on a gain.

鈼?Others have great software tools, such as Borland and Symantec, or close down or terminate their software tools product line, because they do not these developers tools to promote more profitable sales.

Flash and Adobe products Flex is obviously an important part of the strategy, but the Flex / Flash Builder is the sales proceeds can not just revenue they bring. Similar situation, Linux market although the market is still very small compared to Windows, but the service developer yes its strategic direction things too 澶у瀷 Windows and the Mac market of non-developers to bring a significant impact. Flash platform can be promoted, such as LiveCycle ES, LCDS, and as enterprise portals have not yet developed sales tool. These enterprise solutions will require the core developers, and they look forward to a better Linux support.

In summary, a competitive RIA technology developers and their customers is very attractive. Silverlight 3 is gradually winning the market, it is not surprising:

鈼?Silverlight and Flex are the same can be said to support cross-platform; JavaFX even more so, because it runs in the Java Virtual Machine; Ajax provides the best cross-platform support;

鈼?Silverlight has a more complete series of tools, Silverlight-based product development cost and time to market for less.

鈼?skilled Microsoft developers can more easily learn to use Silverlight. Although JavaFX Script is completely different from Java, but it runs in the Java virtual machine, and can seamlessly integrate existing Java programs.

鈼?As the reliance on Flash and Flex Windows as their primary development platform, Microsoft's platform and above it on the Flash developers have a significant impact. Borland through my experience as a sales manager, I have come to realize how easy it is by Microsoft, Borland damage. Adobe's RIA strategy currently the same. Flash and Flex to provide a variety of platform support to Linux and Windows, Mac the same attention to the following quarter by a non-profit as a measure of the way to change the game.

鈼?GWT and Ajax-based products with other open source and proprietary tools from strong support, HTML 5 is gradually turned into a powerful proprietary RIA platform competitor.

Adobe RIA battle to win, I make the following recommendations:

1, for the Flash Builder to provide more technical and promotional resources.

2, to launch a developer program. Framework a developer can be authorized to bring a bigger market. Developers to create tools, templates and components, and end users to buy them. Microsoft and Autodesk products through the nurturing of their respective developers around the system a great success.

3, open source Flash Builder, and build alliances with partners so that synergies can be developed effectively.

4, outsourcing some of the Flash Builder Eclipse development work to focus on the development of the company, such as Xored.

Is at a turning point in RIA battle. In regard to the effective use of developers, Autodesk and Microsoft to provide a strong historical case, but their story before the open source movement. Embrace the power of the open source community, can win the RIA war, Adobe has the momentum, and shareholders need to achieve steady growth.


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Community 2.0 My Community I call the shots

As Internet users require more and more easy to network interaction, communication, WEB2.0, turned out and quickly became the Internet era, force for change. UC recently by the mobile Internet business companies and co-sponsored by the China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation and Community 2.0 concept, it will certainly lead to a social welfare concept, model, participants upheaval.

So, what is the public 2.0? Simply put, public service 2.0, is through the mobile Internet and other modern technology, public service activities become transparent, credible, broad participation can be interactive, sustainable.

Technology for easy public

2.0 years in the public interest, each of us, can have their own welfare funds. According to the China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation Li Li introduced the Secretary-General, as long as the donors through the mobile Internet, banking, PC access, to donate 5 dollars per month, will fund the establishment of personal love. Create a Charitable Fund Specific steps include:

1 month donated five yuan to establish personal charity fund.

2, fill out the "fund created to the registration table."

3, growth of personal charity fund, or other means to mobilize around friends and family for their love of the Fund.

4, carrying out various interactive activities and beneficiaries.

5 Foundation for Poverty Alleviation Fund to create one for each service.

In other words, public funds for personal appearance and mobile Internet technology support, public welfare is no longer just a stage for large enterprises, it is no longer "money - honor" exchange of equal value, growth companies, entrepreneurs, and even ordinary people can also become the main public good.

Technology to public clearly and simply

2.0 in the public interest, we not only know what our donations to help people, how to help, and even chat with the person being helped and interactive. Mobile Internet is open, so even if the public welfare from the donor completed the "lack of participation" of the times, change to "donate End is just beginning" of the era. UC browser such as through the Internet, provided by the Foundation for Poverty Alleviation in China, online communication platform, public welfare beneficiaries and donors can be widely used mobile video, mobile search, Web interaction and other advanced mobile Internet technology, to interact anytime, anywhere.

Technology to public anywhere

2.0 in the public interest, we not only by units, banks, post offices and other traditional donation channels, but also through UCWEB browser platform for mobile Internet donations, online donations directly to mobile phones.

Specific donation process is as follows:

1. Sign UC browser's "60th birthday, you and I celebrate the" activities, choose the activity page of "direct use Alipay contributions"

2. Directly into the Poverty Relief Fund set up on Taobao online shop, you can choose from 1 yuan to 100 yuan donation amounts ranging from

3. Select the amount entered purchase page, select the "Buy Now", enter the verification code and password into the transaction page

4. Taobao transactions enter the page the user name and password, and captured the value of one yuan of "love" (PS: Taobao security system is really a little bit.... Complicated)

5. Taobao will be the last time prompts you sure you want to donate, select the confirmation browsers automatically jump paypal.

Finally enter the verification code Alipay and password, click on the confirm purchase, donations can be successful.

In other words, as long as the support of communication networks, as long as the support of mobile terminal equipment, as long as phones online donation UC platform browser support, public will be able to get anywhere.

In short, 2.0 times in the public interest, public service, not an occasional thing, not what someone else is no longer a special thing, but each within its capacity, and can control things by themselves. Everyone can be public, at any time can be public, then clearly that public service is no longer a slogan but a reality. Since then, my public service, which I call the shots.

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Motorola recall: a beautiful mistake

The day before yesterday, has been reported that Motorola to "recall" a name "Ming" A1200 mobile phone, has aroused extensive attention. Motorola immediately concerned, but denied media misrepresent the "recall" message, and issued a statement, Motorola did not recall "that" the plan, but suggested that "if consumers use" that "the process of discovery of any problem, go to Motorola service center for support. "

So this is just a misunderstanding, the media and consumers to a Motorola handset, "three guarantees" provided reiterated mistaken for a "recall." According to Motorola's argument is that all of Motorola "Ming" A1200 of the licensed mobile phones, holding regular sales invoice, the user may apply to any after-sales service network for a free replacement and installation, after-sales service network does not charge any fees to the user. In any case, although not "recall", Motorola mobile phones this is also the national "three guarantees" the strict and effective compliance, is a responsible attitude toward consumers. This digital product manufacturers and some large areas of quality problems encountered with the attitude of consumers hard in the end in sharp contrast.

China mobile phone "recall" system lacking, causing consumer to see the many foreign phone quality problems caused because of the "recall" the incident, but can not enjoy at home. Consumers and media to mobile phone makers called "recall", but not actually together. Any foreign mobile phone manufacturers in particular giant is not possible to open the first of its kind, after all, no national mandatory "recall" system provides the quality of mobile phone manufacturers bear the responsibility for much less, do not go looking for things to do nothing . Under the provisions of the existing national three guarantees, Motorola refused to "recall" is also permitted by law.

Moreover, the "Ming" A1200 Mobile Phone, Motorola also can not arbitrarily on the "recall." "Ming" A1200 mobile phone problems is the "side buttons appear Paint Falling off phenomenon." For the "side buttons Paint Falling off" the phone non-functional issues, the first three packs of the State and there is no clear provision in the "mobile phone repair replacement return the liability of goods" is provided in the functional failure of the non-functional failure "silent." The only material related to the phone "because of structural or material factors of the shell-damaged" is also a failure in functionality in. Secondly, the "side buttons Paint Falling off" the phenomenon is indeed such as Motorola said the person, it is difficult to define in the end what causes, such as mixing up the phone and keys, etc.. The division of responsibility, consumers are difficult to prove "side buttons Paint Falling off" phenomenon in the Motorola party liability. From the law, reason, Motorola is refusing to fully "side buttons Paint Falling off" to provide Warranty Services, not to talk about the "recall" the.

Therefore, Motorola does not "recall", but to provide consumers a free repair service package, is already a great extent to be considered for the interests of consumers. Motorola's attitude should be encouraged, we can not add blame, but in this case, our country on the phone less than three packs of provisions, not only in the "recall" system lacks, there is non-functional quality for mobile phones the problem under shortage. This requires the national provisions in the three packs are modifying the process of phone to attach to be clearly defined.

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Knowledge Portal help companies in transition off

1 and the results shared

Paramount Group has applied the knowledge portal, the symmetry of information, management support and corporate culture for a larger raise.
Symmetric information, the information dissemination of the breadth and depth of collaboration to strengthen the operation of off-site institutions to provide strong support, information delivery to enhance the timeliness of regulatory; on the experience accumulated knowledge sharing, the company established a business management knowledge, business knowledge and operational work of monitoring information 3 categories of knowledge management system, management, technology, personnel, reports and other business areas of the overall operation of the total of accumulated knowledge of the document 710; core knowledge transfer rate of the initial upgrade, statistics show that up to 50%.

Management support, information dissemination has significantly accelerated, office processes applications from the system a few days ago, the average reduced to an average of half a day after application. System currently has 76 process template, company coverage accounted for 50% of all office processes more than 110 per day implementation process of the transition management model provides a good support changes to increase the fineness of management, depth and breadth, while improving efficiency. Preliminary statistics show that the daily addition to the financial office for approval of foreign affairs more than 70% will turn to a support knowledge portal for processing.

Enterprise culture, through news, online surveys, forums, project collaboration, a network of experts and other carriers, employees have to adapt and develop the work based on knowledge management and ways of thinking, and actively participate in the company's corporate culture. From the application of the breadth and depth of analysis, knowledge portal has become the staff's basic transaction processing platform, the transaction with "IKP" concept to achieve this objective has been rooted in the minds of staff at all levels.

In addition, with the level of knowledge portal system application depth, the system application of the management system is also maturing. The formulation and implementation of these systems to ensure the efficient utilization of the system, from the other side also reflect the system application and promotion of the summary of lessons learned, experience itself is a process of knowledge accumulation record.

Second, Paramount Group, the background knowledge portal needs
Paramount Group has experienced three stages of accumulation :1994-2001 period; 2002-2003 period of adjustment; the 2004 transition. After a decade of development, the company has grown into a five industrial companies, two companies and an investment in economic and trade comprehensive enterprise group company.

As a growth company, Paramount start small home appliances industry, through accumulation of capital and technology, is now gradually extending to the PM, enameled wire, chemical and other industries. The current stage, the company's structure and governance structure of a larger adjustment through capital operation means, through mergers and acquisitions, etc., enables organizations to quickly intervene in a new business, get more and better profit growth.

Currently, the company also launched several new projects, new situations, new thinking on the Group's management philosophy, management put forward new demands. In 2003 the successful implementation of the knowledge portal project for the group to adjust business strategies, management capacity building and laid a good foundation. Follow-up application, peak earnings will gradually explore the characteristics of knowledge for its own business management models to support the company's rapid development.

Third, the company transition issues to be addressed
Four classes of ERP systems on line in 1999, followed by the group of all manufacturing enterprise applications, but in the information communication platform, by 2003 only rely on the mail system for information exchange, staff experience at work is not an effective accumulation of knowledge. Meanwhile, to enhance the company's core competitiveness, we are facing and the urgent need to address the following issues:
1, the new strategic situation in the smooth realization of how quickly the new company into the Paramount acquisition and culture.
2, how to ensure that the new project team to work together efficiently.
3, how to present the industry, technology, methods and experiences to share in different industries.
4, how to build internal and external information gathering to share channels.
5, how to quickly train Paramount cultural talent.
6, how to strengthen the Group's monitoring capabilities.

Fourth, the characteristics of knowledge management projects
After thorough investigation the company that knowledge management can help to strengthen core competitiveness of enterprises, solve the problems facing companies in transition. However, unlike other items of knowledge management projects in the implementation, we analyze the differences by comparing, in order to highlight key points to ensure successful implementation.
We are from the following aspects of knowledge management and ERP on the similarities and differences were compared:
1, knowledge management and information platform is targeted at the knowledge, and ERP management of resources, emphasis on information flow, logistics, capital flow of unity.
2, the application of knowledge management information platform for broader decision-making level, particularly in the technical means to achieve a more simple (excluding Digital Nervous and search engine), but management is an option, so its difficult to promote than the ERP application Great.
3, knowledge management, more emphasis on learning how to form the corporate culture.
4, WEB-based knowledge management platform is easy to achieve cross-regional, cross-platform, cross-industry work together in different ways, and to achieve mobile office features. ERP is relatively more difficult in this regard.
5, in the cultivation of corporate culture, knowledge management has a more direct and effective, more humane application tools; and ERP focus more on core business support to enterprises in the aspect of human nature seems stiff.
6, knowledge management and ERP in common: emphasis on the application and process collaboration. Book medium is very cheap, worth the Writing, human knowledge and wisdom, to grasp the book knowledge in the life and work should be applied to reflect the book value, the value of the accumulation of knowledge and contributions are also reflected in everyday applications .

V. Application of project implementation and systems to promote

1 Four Steps project
Knowledge management information platform construction method should be in the country is still in the exploratory stage, we help through the process of launching satellites of the process of building knowledge management platform:

Rocket launchers steps: design launch preparations --- --- --- orbit operation
Knowledge platform steps: design goals --- --- application start --- programs to promote the transfer
We will target knowledge management: Primary objective is symmetric information, management support, corporate culture support; major goal is to create knowledge-based management of enterprise core competitiveness; implicit objective is to prevent the loss of knowledge caused by attrition.

Preparation stage in the design, system selection and leadership support is essential. After many contrast, we finally selected the IBM platform and blue Ling's products, mainly focused on the technology maturity, concept art methods of practical and scientific advance. In addition, before the implementation of our organization and the subsidiary of the Group of Ministers to participate in IBM Blue Ling and co-hosted knowledge management expert training, and sending technicians to participate in the IBM Lotus Notes full range of courses in management and technology made double preparation, then the results prove the successful implementation of the preparatory work for the project has laid a solid foundation.

Start the implementation phase, we use the same time, a subsidiary of the Group headquarters plus the pilot of the way through the implementation of team highlight the different focus groups comparing the learning styles, and achieved very good results. In the group level, we highlight the project collaboration, business reporting, performance management application that allows the Group in 2003, the key adjustment, the smooth conduct of the three companies of the asset transfer and acquisition of two companies to work with executive leadership highly recognized. Level in subsidiaries, combined with the scale of manufacturing enterprises to standardize the characteristics of strong collaboration quickly the implementation process paperless, process automation and process optimization work, and management patterns and management 鏁堢巼 have made considerable improved.

After the implementation of restructuring in the project application, project team members for rapid re-establishment of knowledge management applications to promote group to focus on human resource center, the establishment of IKP knowledge evaluation system to determine the application of some KPI indicators, from the management system and guarantee system knowledge accumulation, sharing, application of incentive and constraint mechanism.

2, applications to promote experience sharing
We refer to the IBM Blue Ling and knowledge management incentive mechanism established IKP (Paramount knowledge portal) application evaluation system to determine a series of evaluation, development of effective incentives. For example, we will apply the system is divided into four modules: experience in knowledge management, collaboration management norms, corporate culture, management of community and special things. Application types are divided into three levels of regular application, applications, and encourage the use of three types of random, run weekly through weekly IKP Analysis System trends, timely application of corrective and focus of guidance, and the establishment of monthly departmental assessment and staff incentives.

To ensure that the initiatives have been implemented, we have set up a special application of the prize fund, the Forum moderators, a network of experts subsidies; the establishment of the monthly outstanding case selection, excellent forum for the article, good reasonable suggestions, the best comment of experts, good news, hot more Award for a staff person, while the establishment of departmental applications into the rating will apply the basic management department evaluation system. IKP core knowledge transfer by setting the rate of experts Q & A rate, the rate and other indicators to provide timely knowledge, the knowledge portal application with the application of relatively objective assessment of its application has been concluded benefit system upgrade.

In addition, application of knowledge management team members to promote the application of sensitivity to a large extent, the system reversed the employee transaction mindset and cultivate their subconscious "knowledge portal can help me solve these problems", the result also need to verify this kinds of consciousness - even if sometimes use alternative means of achieving.

6, application prospect
Ying Feng Ying Feng Group Knowledge Portal is an important aid to strategic transformation, the building is full of hardships and frustrations, fortunately, we have formed a team of passionate and gradually foster a learning-based knowledge management culture. We are currently building the second phase of the system preparatory work, construction will focus on knowledge management aspects of the human resources system.


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Thursday, September 16, 2010

VC environment created in the symbian build EXE project questions

Q: 1. I VC are generated under the APP file, then there is no way to generate EXE do? If you can not be generated directly in the VC in that there is any other way?

A: 1. What kind of object files generated with the use of the IDE has nothing to do, just depends on the type of project, that is. Mmp file specified TARTGETTYPE.
Build what you SDK installation directory "Examplesbasicshelloworld" sample application to understand.

Q: 2. My program uses other people to provide the DLL and LIB, then install the machine in real time, these two files should be copying it which directory it? There are those with the SYS file with the DLL into another where? How to make a package put them in the specified directory then? There on the header files that should be placed in epoc / include under it?

A:. If you are doing Symbian Application:

During development:

xxxx.h into "epoc32include" subdirectory of this reference in a program when:
# Include

Into the application when its src subdirectory referenced in a program that:
# Include "xxxx.h"

Simulation Used to. Lib file and. Dll files should be placed in "epoc32releasewinsudeb"

Real machine used. Lib file and. Dll files should be placed in "epoc32releasearmiurel", or
"Epoc32releasethumburel" and so on.

In the packaged release:
Should be used only real machine. Dll files package, target directory is "systemlibs"

Q: 3. I get these DLL and LIB, they also come with a number of SIS files, would these SIS file useful? Is not the reason it can not. There are these DLL and LIB are available to UIQ, then the S60 can use it? I understand that, UIQ and S60 of the difference is only in the interface area, then the DLL and LIB to the interface, not involved in the handling of that can be used under S60. I understand it right?

A: Download a tool unmakesis.exe, unlock the SIS file and see if there are any, before we can infer what they are used. UIQ and S60 on the theory, you're right, but depends on DLL to do is not so common, and try to know.

Q: You said that only a real machine on the real machine should be used. Dll file pack, I can not understand why not include LIB it? Press WINDOW programming experience, these two documents should be two styles is.

A: LIB is a static link, use, real machine running only the dynamic link library.

Q: The package program with tools SDK corresponding Sisar tool, but I tested this tool, we only can specify the procedures for SIS file, I did not see how to add a DLL or LIB, does not know how to specify these files are installed to which location, you can not give me some guidance in this regard, where Xianxie before.

A: Not used. I always write. Pkg file, command-line tool makesis package. SDK to help in a reference to. Pkg file formats and tools for use makesis detailed description.

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Monday, August 2, 2010

A very nice MP3 Tools

ZINO2.81, now ranked No. 1 in the sky net week he seemed to do, quite carefully, and to share a look: (

Tree銆?銆怣P3 Management

鈽?can be added manually or drag means to easily manage all the songs on the hard disk, and arbitrary classification, and hard sync;

銆?銆怣P3 background music

鈽?management tree can easily play MP3 as background music, without affecting the current operation;

銆怌ollection銆?MP3 lyrics

鈽?can be easily collected in the network interested in the lyrics or artist information, forming a practical collection of newspaper clippings of this;

銆怣ultimedia directories

鈽?You can more easily share information with friends, you can also add a picture image in the address book, vivid and beautiful;

銆怬ther銆?br />
鈽?ZINO MP3 also includes other useful gadgets for your convenience in management, while listening to music, get more convenience and fun, such as: Desktop sticky notes, Living Channel, games channel, and dating channels.


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